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 Ultimate Chimertech Combo

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PostSubject: Ultimate Chimertech Combo   Sat Jun 14, 2008 10:20 am

Hey guys, I thought i start off this forum "combos" with this post.

Ok here how it works and its pretty simple. Many of you probley know already

K, so you need:
Chimertech Overdragon
Overload fusion
Future Fusion
and many machines in your deck(with Cyber Dragon)

Now to start it off play Future fusion a remove as many machine monster as you need to times it with 800 for Chimertechs ATK. Lets say we take away about.......11 machines including Cyber Dragon. So 11x8=88. THAT IS 8800 ATK POINTS. But here is he catch with Future Fusion. Not only does it stay on the field, but TOU CANT PLAY YOUR MONSTER FOR TWO TURNS. Let that be a note to all newbies. Then there is another bad side. Once Chimertech is summoned he destroys all cards on YOUR field except him. So that means Future Fusion would be destroyed making Chimertech be destroyed. So what you gotta do after activating Future Fusion effect is play OVERLOAD FUSION. Now remove from play all those machines plus extra machines that you already had in the grave, lets just say 2 was already in the grave. 11x2+88=100 aka 10,000 ATK POINTS!!!! Thats pretty high and unlike Future Fusion you can play Chimertech right there and then. Chimertech is now on the field with 10,000 atk points and you, alonmg with your opponent defencless, can whipe him out in one turn.

So how you like it? Pretty nice
I dont use it but i have before and its some good results
"Post your questions and comments about this topic in reply to this."

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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Chimertech Combo   Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:57 am

Pretty nice combo, kudos Wink

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Ultimate Chimertech Combo
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