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 Kuriboh meets Winged Kuriboh

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Winged Kuriboh

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PostSubject: Kuriboh meets Winged Kuriboh   Mon May 26, 2008 10:59 am

Name: How Kuriboh Met Winged Kuriboh
Description: Kuriboh comes back from work and suddenly meets Winged Kuriboh while shopping

Episode 1- Beggining Of A Wonderful Friendship.....
It was one sunny day in Duel Monster City and Kurboh was walking home from his work at the Puff Puff Factory. But as Kuriboh was taking his walk he suddenly looks at some wings in the Kuriboh store.

As Kuriboh enters the store he finds the wings and tries them on *Kuriboh posing* Kuriboh wants to see how good he looks with the wings soo he goes and looks at himself in the mirror.

Kuriboh is looking at himself and relizes that the mirror has some great 3D effects making it look like your image is outside of the mirror. Kuriboh moves to the left so does the reflection, he waves his wings, so does the reflection but when Kuriboh touches the mirrorhe feels the hand of another Kuriboh.

AGHHHHH.!!!!!!! *Kuriboh scared out of his mind* but then Kuriboh relizes that some other Kuriboh is trying out the wings. So he touches the other Kuriboh's wings and looks at how realistic they are, then the Kuriboh with the realistic wings feels admired.

Then suddenly Kuriboh tries to take his wings and finds out that there real and is surprised, *Winged Kuriboh in pain and frustrated* suddenly Winged Kuriboh smacks Kuriboh and Kuriboh gets mad and smakc back, it was back and forth back and forth *both Kuriboh's squeking after every hit* as Kuriboh smacked the hardest he could throw Winged Kuriboh shook it off and smacked Kuriboh with everything he had.

Kuiboh falls to the ground and Winged Kuriboh pointing and laughing as Kuriboh gets up and all mad jumps on Winged Kuriboh they head out of the store but Winged Kuriboh knows the Kuriboh haven't been off the ground so often so Winged Kuriboh flaps his wings and flies to the highest point in the city Kaiba Corp.

Kuriboh gets dizzy as the higher they get then he suddenly lets go of Winged Kuriboh and falls to the ground but Winged Kuriboh was kinda enough to catch him. Kuriboh wakes up and as he wakes up they find a Black Ptera in the cty which is really rare being that there extinct.

Black Ptera suddenly starts attacking every monster he could find, he has attacked many Petit Angels according to there history and suddenly Kaiba Corp. usues there Ancient Gear Cannons to scare off the Black Ptera and Winged Kuriboh goes and attacks the Black Ptera, Black Ptera just had to hit him with its wings but Winged Kuriboh didn't give up.

Kuriboh noticed what Winged Kuriboh was doing he later got on a Catapult Turtle and aimed at BLack Ptera but they were moving so fast in the air he didn't know where to aim, but then Catapult Turtle helped Kuriboh out and aimed for him and but before Kuriboh was going to be thrown he sees wings on the floor he gets off picks up the wings looks around to see who is watching and puts then on with a big smile on his face then he gets on Catapult Turtle giving the signal that he is ready and BOOOOOOM!!!

Kuriboh goes flying and as Black Ptera hits Winged Kuriboh Kuriboh comes in and headbutts Black Ptera so hard that he goes flying and into another dimension. But as Kuriboh is falling Winged Kuriboh catches him, as Winged Kuriboh brings him down they notice something....

Winged Kuriboh- It looks like some weird device
Kuriboh- WAIT U CAN TAAAALLLKKK!!!!!!!!!
Winged Kuriboh- Yes everyone can
Kuriboh- Then why didn't you talk
Winged Kuriboh- I was shy and u hit me i was mad at you
Kuriboh- WOW thats a good excuse well what do u think this does
Winged Kuriboh- I don't know but whatever it is it doesn't look good

As they figure out what the device is they see the sky opens up and reveals 2 dark eyes then disappears

Winged Kuriboh- WOW that was scary but whatever that is must have to do with this device
Kuriboh- I don't know but do you want to go to my house and have something ot eat
Winged Kuriboh- Oh sure what are we going to eat
Kuiboh- Angel Puff cake
Winged Kuribh- Oh whats that made of ????
Kuriboh- Winged Kuribohs
Winged Kuriboh- ..... AGHHHHHHH.!!!!!!!!!!!
Kuriboh- Im playing we are gonna have Monster Eggs on the side
Winged Kuriboh- Ummm ok sounds good but lets take this just incase it might be for good use
Kuriboh- Alrite then lets go home.

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PostSubject: Re: Kuriboh meets Winged Kuriboh   Fri Jun 13, 2008 2:05 pm

This is really funny dude keep it up Very Happy

Don't underastimate the weak. Fear them.

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Kuriboh meets Winged Kuriboh
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