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 ...:::Deep in the Shadows:::...

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Shadow Ghoul

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PostSubject: ...:::Deep in the Shadows:::...   Sun May 25, 2008 8:48 am

Rated: PG13
Writer(s):Shadow Ghoul

Episode 1-The darkest dawn

Kaiba is standing in the rooftop on the Kaiba Corporation.He is thinking,when certanly Mr.Woo one of Kaiba's men is calling him on his personal caller

Mr.Woo-Sir!We made your deck perfect.We found the problem,but it is fixed now and balanced,25 monsters,10 spels and another 7 traps,a grand total of 42 card

Kaiba-I go check it out.

Kaiba is now in his office.He is watching his deck as he thinking"nonsense!Their isn't problem with my deck".

Yugi Muto is feeling alone,after the spirit of the puzzle Atem is gone.It gone seven week since than but now what he feels is a big empty hole.Grandpa is coming with the breakfast in his hand

Grandpa:Today menu-Omlet with Cola,sweet hey?

Yugi is thinking about what if Atem would still be with him,but all he can set as conclusion is that now he have to mature and left the past behind and concentrate on the future."There's no going back now"

Grandpa:From what?

Yugi reacting fast

Yugi:What?Oh.I didn't say anything

Grandpa:Maybe i'm old but i'm not foolish,you've said 'there's no going back'

Yugi:Oh...yeah well i was thinkging loud hehe(with a smile on his face)

Grandpa is looking angry at Yugi.Yugi know that this means he have to tell everything Grandpa's

Yugi:You see yesterday when you asked me to go shoping with Tea i met Kaiba.He challenged me to a duel telling that if i'm really the KING OF DUELS than why we wouldn't duel and let's see if it's true.You see i didn't duel with Kaiba all the time when Kaiba was defeated it was Atem who standed victorious not me.I need to proof Kaiba and mostly to myself that i can handle him on my own.

Grandpa:I cant stop you but i didn't want to,i believe you but now all i can do is to wish you good luck allright?

Yugi: You rock Grandpa(Yugi is now happy)

In the top of the KC two avangers meet in the sundown.Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba are shuffling each other deck,they're put their deck into the duel disk as their LP reaches 4000 and they togheter reply"LET'S DUEL"
Before they could' draw Kaiba is smiling

Kaiba:Yugi i know next to the game rules you have one rule in plus:To trust in the hearth of the cards"...

Yugi:That's right Kaiba that's how Atem beaten you and thats how i will beat you tonight.You will taste the scars of defeat

Kaiba:Your 'trust in the card' one rule here is usless...And tonight, you're gonna break your one rule... HAHAAHA

To Be Continued(June 2)

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...:::Deep in the Shadows:::...
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