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 Legacy of the Swordsman

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PostSubject: Legacy of the Swordsman   Sat May 24, 2008 8:31 pm

Name: Legacy of the Swordsman
Description: A swordsman must find his path in destiny. He starts by going on his way to finding the legendary Six Samurai.

He then faces evil villians and rivals. Does this young swordsman have what it takes?

Character Cast:
Mystic Swordsman lv4
Chamberlain of the Six Samurai

Episode 1: The Beggining
Once upon a time there lived 6 legendary warriors. Thes Brave warriors did what it took to protect there village and the

people. They helped the needed and made sure that no person shall be harmed. Soon a dark Fiend of such great power

challenged all the 6 warriors in a 1 on 6 match. This fiend was to powerful for them to handle, so they called up help from

The Grandmaster of the 6. His power was good but not enough to take down this overwhelming fiend. The grand master was in a

tight spot but he was not gonna give up and die thus letting there people suffer as slaves or jesters. He then created a

spell with the help of the legendary Breaker. With the power of Breaker, Grandmaster, and the 6 warriors they sealed the

powerful fiend into the Different Deminsion never to be seen again, but at the cost.....sealing themselves. These 6 warriors

gave there lives to protect the innocent, so lets call these warriors by their proper names.....The Six Samurai.

The Sun rose with an elegant color of orange and yellow brightening the skys and plains of the Sogen feild. Petit Angels

were be singing as monsters like Griffores and Watapons would be laying down on the cozy green grass. Petit Dragons would

start to fly away as they see a young warrior running across the Sogen. This swordman was known as the Mystic Swordsman who

was named after the feild he was standing meaning his name was Sogen. Sogen drew his sword out from his side and start to

swing it rapidly. He was training with his sword. He would then see an in coming rock hit him in the face. WACK!!!

Sogen: OUCH!! What hit me

Chamberlain: You should be faster then that by now Sogen

Sogen: Well a warning would have helped *rubbing his forehead*

Chamberlain: Come back to the cabin, its time fore lunch

Sogen: No thx, i will skip. I have alot of training to do *gets back to swinging sword*

Chamberlain: oh, i was gonna tell you the story about the Six Samurai but i guess...*turns back*

Sogen: OH WAIT *Runs after Chamberlain* i want to here the story!!!!

The two made it back to the cabin and made some hot tea with Raman.

Chamberlain: alright its time to continue with my story

Sogen: Yea go on

Chamberlain: Hmm were was i....Oh yes, So The 6 samurais were facing the evil fiend until he was sealed away by the help of

Grandmaster and Breaker. Though, by this they also sealed themselves. So now warriors have searchs for the portal to the DD

in order to releast them, nobody could not make it so everyone just gave up so..
*His story was interupted by Mystic Swordsman*

Sogen: No way!! Im gonna begin my journy onto finding the portal.

Chamberlain: Are you sure you think your ready

Sogen: I been training for years. I'll start packing my sack *he leaves to his room to pack*

Chamberlain: Maybe he should of heard the rest of the story

*Sogen packs everything he might need into his sack and begins to walk out the door until Chamberlain stoped him*

Chamberlain: Wait Sogen!!

*Sogen turns his back*

Sogen: Yea what you need?

Chamberlain: Well first i wanna say goodby

Sogen: Oh sorry, goodby *starts to walk out the door again*

Chamberlain: Im not done. I want you to take this note *gives Sogen the not*

Sogen: Oh thx

*Sogen takes the note, puts it in his sack pack and leaves*

Chamberlain: (I hope he reads that soon)

Preview: Sogen feels much confident about his journy but is he ready? all will be found out in the next episode!

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PostSubject: Re: Legacy of the Swordsman   Sat May 24, 2008 9:33 pm

nice one dude giving anticipation for the next part nice i like it ima try to make one hold on
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PostSubject: Re: Legacy of the Swordsman   Sat May 24, 2008 11:46 pm

Good job! I see you have inspiration.

Don't underastimate the weak. Fear them.

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PostSubject: Re: Legacy of the Swordsman   

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Legacy of the Swordsman
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