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 RULES OF DUEL MONSTER FAMILY(read before posting)

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PostSubject: RULES OF DUEL MONSTER FAMILY(read before posting)   Sat May 24, 2008 4:21 pm

Well i created this so no duel monster would feel alone =D. You can create a family. Here are the rules though

1. You can only be a part of ONE family at a time. Breaking this rule will ban you from joining a family and you shall be automatically kicked out of w/e family/families your in.

2. If you want to leave your family to either join another family or you just dont wanna be in your recent family then post up that you want to no long be a part of the family and PM me telling you are no longer a part of the family.

3. If you are hosting a family the then you have the choice to accept or deny anybody you wants to join. You must also make a list of all the members of your family.

4. Same rules as of Duel Monster World still apply here except you can spam in the family your in if your host says its ok. This may be so, but dont get carried away. If the spam gets to far then action will and shall be taken.

5. If you want you(host) can post who is the Father, Mother, brother, sister, ect. If there are members in your family that you dont wanna classify then just put them as other.

6. Also you must put Open or Close for your family. Place Close if your not accepting no new joiners. Place Open if your family is open for anybody to join.

These are simple rules so plz follow. IM DOING THIS FOR YOU!!!!!
I will post an example so you can get a breif understanding.

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RULES OF DUEL MONSTER FAMILY(read before posting)
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