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Cybernetic Magician

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PostSubject: .:Credit:.   Tue May 20, 2008 9:16 am

These are the ones who helped me in my acheivement thus far:
Dark Magician
Winged Kuriboh
Launcher Spider
The Creator

Dark Magician: first off i gotta thank DM for being my partner in starting this site. Accually, i was going on about wanting power and complete control until my friend here said "why dont you build a site" or something like that. So without him then this site would not have been made. The best part is that this site is not like any other site like Duel Academy or another team. This is what makes it uniqe. Thank you DM.

Winged Kuriboh: My good friend Ilo, or a you know him Ilodude67. He helped out so much. Hes the one who got Spidey and made the rules(along with help from the BC rules). He done much other stuff i really can't think of right now but yea. He also gave me support....in his own kinda way*quote* If i were just anybody i wouldn't like this site, who would*quote*. He still a little furball thats cool to be around^^.

Launcher Spider: Only had him one day and hes already making the site amazing. I gotta give lots of the site's credit to him. This guy is the best artist i know of. I wish i had his mad skills lol. Without him this site would not look as attractive. Thank you Spidey(Spider-Man).

The Creator: He helped me by supporting me and giving me advice unlike the same as Winged Kruiboh >_> lol. He also helped with the ChatBox. Without him you guys wouldn't be chatting live! Thank this good man(Loger0050)

If you were not on the list and wish to be to, plz post your BC name and reason you should. Also for those who ARE on the list if you feel like it you may leave a comment

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Winged Kuriboh

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PostSubject: Re: .:Credit:.   Wed May 21, 2008 9:21 pm

awww shucks man don't make me cry lol im a cool furball Very Happy
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